On behalf of all our colleagues and friends on the Mongolia’s trip last few days let us say a big thank you to you and your Mongolian colleagues for the wonderful arrangement made.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the trip which must have been very demanding to you and your colleagues. Your tireless effort and perseverance to look after us have been very much appreciated by the group.

Once again thank you very much. Please send this message to our two Mongolia friends.


Liew Mun Leong

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Changi Airport Group

Special Trip for Mongolia, 2011 Aug

In the year 2007 we had the great opportunity to accompany Amara on trip through Mongolia. We arrived 30th of July 2007 in Ulan Bator and continued to Murun by plane on the same day. Murun is located in the north of Mongolia close to the lake Hovsgol. (more…)

2007. Mongolia’s Vista Trekking

I would like to highlight the amount of work that PJ had to go to, in re-organising the Gobi Circuit so that the four ladies who joined us two days later were able to complete the trip but in a slightly different route. (more…)

Aug, 2006. The Gobi Circuit

I have travelled to other countries such as India, Tibet and Cambodia before but I must say I have enjoyed Mongolia the most. The scenery is splendid, people nice and culture very rich. So much so that I am thinking of doing it again next year to another part of Mongolia with Zendmen Travel.

Elisa Teo (Singapore)


Elisa from Singapore