Trans-Siberian rail journey to Mongolia

Mongolia is accessible through rail journeys from Moscow in Russia and Beijing in China. The world’s longest railway Trans-Siberian railway branch Trans-Mongolian railway runs across Mongolia through you can connect from London and Hong Kong to Ulaanbaatar. You can also get on the train from en-route stops. Please follow the link for details at Here are the train schedules for 2015. Zendmen Travel can book a train ticket for you. Please send your enquiry.


From To Departure time: 24hrs Arrival time: 24hrs Train type
Moscow Ulaanbaatar Tuesday 00-45 Sunday 07-35 Russian train
Thursday 00-45 Tuesday 07-35 Russian train
Wednesday 00-45 Monday 07-35 Mongolian train
Ulaanbaatar Moscow Tuesday 04-25 Saturday 14-58 Russian train
Friday 04-25 Tuesday 14-58 Mongolian train
Beijing Ulaanbaatar Thursday 12-22 Friday 15-20 Chinese train
Ulaanbaatar Beijing Thursday 08-15 Friday 12-40 Mongolian train
Friday 08-15 Saturday 12-40 Chinese train