Greeting from the founders

The story of Zendmen Travel began with the merge of Wilderness Adventures Mongolia and MXP Adventures in 2010. The both companies were run by Amka and Muno with PJ respectively whom are best friends.  Amka and Muno were both born and brought up in western Mongolia and PJ is native to Singapore.

Zendmen Travel was born out of our love for our spectacular country: its beauty, its history and the legendary hospitality of its nomadic families. Our main wish is to encourage people to cherish what is perhaps one of the last examples of untouched wilderness areas in Asia, and to help in whatever small way we can to preserve the exotic cultural heritage of the Mongolian people.

There is a saying, ‘If you find the job you love, you will never have to work’. We love running this venture, because we are so proud of where we come from and because we love the idea of sharing its many riches with discerning travellers. Please let us welcome you to Mongolia!

Why Travel With Zendmen Travel Mongolia?

Authentic & Professional

A professional team design original tours with consideration of various aspects of your tour arrangements: accommodation, meals, transport  and sightseeing in Mongolia. Explore Naadam, Yak, Golden Eagle, Yokhor Festivals of Mongolia while enjoying your time in a peaceful countryside.

Responsible Tourism

We handle responsible tours and expeditions. Eco-friendly operation, respect for the people, animals and nature are high on our agenda. Thus, we support environmental conservation and campaigns against child exploitation. Travelling with us means you are part of these initiatives.

Tailor-made & Safe

We tailor-make each tour via including local festivals, adjusting travel routes or adding tour extensions. Your safety is our priority. Thus, tours’re carefully designed and checked. Please follow ‘Tailor-make this tour’ section on tour pages to create a dream holiday with your loved ones.

Zendmen Travel’s tours can be tailor-made for individuals and small groups (a maximum of 12 travellers) and really are off the beaten track in the remote regions of Mongolia. All trips can be personalised to suit your schedule, needs and specific interests and can include mountain trekking, bird watching, horse and camel riding, kayaking and overland adventures in addition to various local festivals of Mongolia.

Co-founders: Muno, Amka and PJ

The staff of Zendmen Travel are with an inherent and in-depth understanding of the nature, culture and people of Mongolia. Their passion and knowledge of their homeland informs every tour and ensures that you will receive an unforgettable experience, as well as providing tours that are environmentally and culturally sensitive and beneficial to the rural communities that you visit. You can be sure that your trip will not only be a unique experience but will also preserve and protect the traditions and culture of Mongolia.


PJ was born in Singapore and spent all his childhood and teenage years in an urban environment. During his primary and secondary school days, PJ was just an average student with no excellent academic record to brag about.  However, he excelled academically, while reading his Mechanical Engineering diploma in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. PJ won an overseas scholarship…

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Co-founder and General Manager

Dr. Amka has a degree in Geography and Sustainable Tourism which he gained at the Sheffield Hallam University, UK. In 2014, he gained PhD after undertaking research on the impact of tourism development in rural Mongolia. He spent his childhood riding his horses in the Western Mongolian province of Gobi-Altai, between the Gobi Desert and Altai…

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Muno has spent most of his childhood days mastering horse-riding skills in the steppes of Zavkhan province of Mongolia. He led a nomadic lifestyle before enrolling to the elementary school at the age of seven. He is now fluent in English and Turkish and some knowledge of Russian language. In 1998, he took part in the…

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Tour support crew

Zendmen Travel aims to recruit the best guides, drivers and cooks. We select our guides based on their enthusiasm in tourism, level of knowledge and interpersonal skills. Upon selection, we undertake a serious training course before we send them on their apprenticeship under tour leader’s supervision. Therefore, we proudly assign well trained and experienced guides on our tours.

All of our drivers are skilled off-road drivers and have driven the toughest expedition routes through difficult mountain terrain, sand dunes, marsh forest and across rivers. In addition, many of them are talented at spotting wild animals in the countryside and are good mechanics, in the rare event of minor failures of vehicles.

Our expedition cooks may offer you pleasant surprises occasionally during our tours and expeditions in Mongolia’s countryside. Whether you are vegetarian or vegan, our cooks can easily prepare delicious meals from selected expedition menu. As an ethical tour operator, we source meat and vegetables from the areas where we are travelling as much as we can.

Tuya -Tour Leader
Tuya graduated as an French and English translator and teacher in 1999. She is one of our most experienced tour leaders, and is an active hiker who has travelled all over Mongolia. She began working for MXP in 2004, combining her career as a guide with that of a teacher, mother, and is a caring figure on our trips.

Tsengel – Tour Guide
Tsengel trained as a professional tour guide with the Mongolian Guide Association, and is also a student of finance and economics. She is an experienced trekker and has travelled extensively, guiding tours around Lake Khovsgol, Kharkhorin, the Gobi Desert and western Mongolia. In addition she is a talented violinist, and always popular with our clients on tours.

Zolo – Operational Co-ordinator
Zolo has been with us since 2013, and handles all day-to-day arrangements to make sure that your trip runs smoothly. He has a degree in bussiness management from the Seruuleg University of Mongolia. He speaks English and his cheerful nature and talent for singing make him great company on our trips.

Gerelee – Expedition Cook
Gerle is a great cook. Her creative expedition menu and meticulous attention to food safety always impress our clients. Her treats may be as simple as a hot tea or coffee in your tent, or a range of fresh salads or French tartiflet on your camp dining-table. She has even been known to surprise guests with a birthday cake in the middle of the Gobi Desert.

We are member of:

Zendmen Travel’s tours are environmentally and culturally responsible and we are proud to be a part of ATTA (Adventure Travel and Trade Association), the CBI – Export Coaching Program and a member of Mongolian Tourism Association and Mongolian Tourism Consortium. We employ local people and have earned the respect and trust of the local communities that we work with, which is a key to our success as a tour operator.

ATTA Member
Mongolian Tourism Consortium
Mongolian Tourism Association
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