Winter Festivals Mongolia tour

Winter Festivals of Mongolia is truly magnificent travel experience for this winter: Ice Festival, Golden Eagle Festival, and Thousand Camel Festival. Horse sledging on the frozen Lake of Khovsgol, ice sculptures created by mother nature, tranquil setting of snow-covered wilderness setting will definitely take your breath away. Golden Eagle Festival offers tournaments testing agility and speed of hunter Eagles.
Tour Length: 13 Days
Tour Dates:  1-13 March
Tour Price: from $ 3,087| £ 2,459
Group size: 4-8 pax
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade: Modest

Naadam Festival day trip

Enjoy a Naadam Festival tour in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Naadam’s very meaning is celebration of Mongolia’s independence with nomads’ sporting tournaments. Attend grand opening ceremony in the Central Stadium in the morning. See Mongolia’s traditional wrestling, horse races, archery and knuckle bone shooting tournaments.
Tour Dates: 11 July
Tour Price: $ 151
Group size: 4-12 pax
Tour Grade: Moderate
Tailor-make option is available. Please contact us.

The Gobi Desert Tour

Join us for a journey through the Gobi Desert’s ancient mountains, green glens and sand dunes, against a backdrop of blue sky by day and a star-filled sky by night. Marco Polo paid a visit to the Gobi, and more recently Roy Chapman Andrews discovered the first-known dinosaur’s egg-nest at Flaming Cliffs.

Tour Length: 13 days
Tour Dates: May-September
Tour Price: from $1,862
Group size: 4-12 persons
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade: Moderate

Naadam Festival and Khuvsgul lake tour

Enjoy annual Naadam Festival near the Lake Hovsgol. This is a great opportunity to witness Mongolia’s endurance horse race, traditional wrestling and archery tournaments. The trip allows you to explore breathtaking lake and spend your holiday trekking through Alpine meadows, cycling along the lake.

Tour Length: 9 days
Tour Dates: 9-17 July
Tour Price: from $ 1,671
Group size: 4 pax
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade: Strenuous

Yak Festival tour

Explore a land of yak herding nomads, Buddhist temples, and dramatic landscapes in stunning countryside of Mongolia. You will have plenty of opportunities to encounter with nomadic families while learning from their culture. Highlights of the trip include, among other, annual Yak Festival and a picturesque Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall.

Tour Length: 11 days
Tour Dates: 18-28 July
Tour Price: from $1,969
Group size: min – 4 pax
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade: Moderate

Aglag Monastery trip

A two day trip will take you to Aglag Buteel Monastery. A comfortable journey to the monastery can be ideal escape from your busy work routine. Experience Mongolia’s renowned Buddhist lama Purevbat’s art. Enjoy walking tour around the monastery and explore its rich heritage. Overnight in a comfortable ger camp.
Tour Dates: All year round
Tour Price: $ 340 pp based on 2 pax
Tour Grade: Moderate

Khustai Wildife Trip

A tour to the world’s only species of Wild Horse, Takhi in Hustai National Park, Mongolia. This is a true ecotourism site- a heaven for various endangered species of flora and fauna. Be part of a day trip to tranquil wilderness, an hour drive from Ulaanbaatar. The area offers historic monuments of balbal and a deer stone.
Tour Dates: All year round
Tour Price: from $ 340 pp based on 2 pax
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade: Moderate

Northern Mongolia tour

Flanked by the breathtaking Hangai Mountain Range, Zavkhan offers some of the most varied landscapes in Mongolia. Travellers will experience vast desert land, serene salt lakes and incredible sand dunes all within close proximity of each other. The sharp contrast in terrain makes travelling in this area unforgettable.

Tour Dates: May-September
Tour Price: from $2,421
Group size: Max-12 persons
Tour Grade: Moderate

Highlights of Mongolia tour

Traverse Mongolia from crystal clear Lake Hovsgol to the Gobi Desert via Harhorin. The trip also takes you to the Mongolia’s best historic and cultural treasures including the Orhon Valley, the UNESCO’s World Heritage site. You will explore the remains of Harhorin, the capital city of the Mongol Empire.

Tour Dates: May-September
Tour Price: from $2,687
Group size: min-4pax
Tour Grade: Moderate