Mongolia holds some of the world’s greatest untamed lands. These wild, beautiful habitats boast an impressive variety of wildlife and are rich in verdant forest, towering cliffs, rugged mountains, endless grasslands and the Gobi Desert. You can choose a range of exotic trips from treks in the magnificent Altai Mountains, visiting nomadic people while riding a horse or a camel. Those who love wildlife, please join our bird watching trips or observing the world’s only species of true wild horses, Takhi, in the wilderness. You will enjoy the world famous Naadam Festival with traditional long distance horse races, archery and wrestling competition and Golden Eagle Festival. Please join us to learn the rich history of the Mongol Empire and Chinggis Khaan, and other nomadic statehood. We will take you to famous art galleries and museums in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Our tours are intricately planned and include lectures by local experts, sessions of meditation, yoga and arts. We explore seldom visited areas including remote parts of the Gobi Desert, Western and Northern Mongolia. Choose from experiential and cultural, active and adventure tours, and expeditions, and short trips to those designed to show you the best of the country’s wildlife and culture.