We offer range of experiential holidays and active-adventure tours to Mongolia’s famous natural and cultural attractions including the Gobi Desert, the Lake Khuvsgul, Kharkhorin, Zavkhan and Bayan-Ulgii regions. Our tours are intricately planned and include sessions of meditation, yoga and arts. We also take tours and holidays to seldom visited areas of Western and Northern Mongolia. Choose from your experiential and cultural holidays, or active and adventure tours and ideal day trips to Mongolia which are designed to show you the best of the country’s wildlife and culture. Tours can be tailor-made specific to your private needs and to the land of exquisite beauty of Mongolia.

Khustai Wildife Trip

Tour Length: 2 Days
Tour Dates: All year round
Tour Price: from $ 340
Group size: Max-12 persons
Tour Grade: Moderate
Private tour option: Available