We actively support actions and initiatives against child exploitation in Mongolia. Thus, we support “Beautiful Hearts” NGO, who campaigns against child sexual abuse and domestic violence. We are against any forms of abuse,violence, harassment, discrimination, bullying at our office and during our operation. We are keen to be responsible tour operator who contribute to Mongolia’s better future. Therefore, we advocate equal opportunities and non-discrimination of any forms.

If you wish to be part of this action and the values we pursue, there is an optional donation of  $5 on top of your tour cost. The money will be donated to ‘Beautiful Hearts’ NGO. We appreciate your generosity and actions. We hope that we can make a big difference for the Mongolia’s better future together.

There have been a number of campaigns organised for last three years. We believe that art can be a strong tool to send message to general public. Therefore, “Beautiful Hearts” NGO organizes an annual flash-mob as a part of a global campaign against voilence against girls and women of ‘One billion rising’ in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Please follow the link for the event video.