hustai wild horse




Wild Horses and Red Deers in Hustai National Park

Wild Horses and Red Deers in Hustai National Park

Winter of 2015

Deer stone in Hustai National Park

Deer stone in Hustai National Park

During 2 day tour in 2015

Red Deers and Wild Horses in Hustai National Park

Red Deers and Wild Horses in Hustai National Park

Winter of 2015

Let us take you to the world’s only species of Wild Horse,Takhi (or Przewalski horse) in Hustai National Park, Mongolia. This is a true ecotourism site- a heaven for wild life lovers. So be part of a two-day tour to this tranquil wilderness, just an hour drive from busy urban setting of Ulaanbaatar. The area also offers you to explore historic monuments of Ungut and deer stone dating back Bronze age (3,000-7,000 BC).

Hustai National Park has an area of 50,620 hectares, lies in the foothills of the southern Hentii Mountain Range and situated about 110 km south west of Ulaanbaatar. This isan example of preservation of one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems: steppe.This National Park is a fine example of the wide river valleys separated by hilly terrain that characterize forest steppe. There are dozens of wild animals such as wolves, deer, Takhi which was reintroduced in 1990 with a cooperation of the Foundation Reserves for the Przewalski Horse and the support of Dutch Government. As a national park, regulations on land use were tightened and all grazing and hunting was forbidden.

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