Hi PJ and Muno,

Diana, Carissa and I had a great time in Mongolia. We were very well looked after by Beggi- who was an excellent guide, and Jack- an extremely skillful driver. The ger camps had a few challenges- as you had forewarned us- the first one had no hot water, and the second one had toilets which were mostly not working. Nevertheless, the whole trip in Mongolia was a wonderful experience, with the beautiful and varied sceneries, the horse and camel rides, the hot days and cold nights, the dust storms and sandy dunes, the Mongolian culture and food, the National Parks and the wild horses, etc…

Please extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to both Beggi and Jack.

Patrick Sim



2017, Naadam Festival and Central Mongolia trip

Hi Muno,

I just wanted to thank you for all your work this trip. You did such a lovely job, especially given how difficult it is to arrange travel during the winter. (more…)

Feb, 2015. Winter Hovsgol Lake

The friendliest people we met on our journey from London to Australia! Huge landscapes, cosy gers and endless cups of tasty milk tea! We can’t wait to go back to see it in summer.

Emily Franke, Sam King and Ben King



Dec, 2014. Hustai Trip

Thank you for our most enjoyable journey to Mongolia and especially for altering to our needs.



July, 2014. Yak Festival trip

Thank you for the trip.


2014, Yak festival

Thank you for great trip. Hope to do it again in GOBI. ha … ha

JOR from Thailand

2014, Yak festival

Thank you for a most amazing trip. All the best to you and your family, until next time! :)



2014, Yak festival

You are caring, patient, sensitive, understanding, funny, inclusive starting from chopping wood, cooking, entertaining, accompany in the hot tub 55 ha ha!, paying for all our extra fee, looking after us, sleeping in the car… the list just goes on!

So thank you, thanks you, thank you

Never let other people tell you otherwise!!! :) It is so important for you to know that YOU have made a difference in All of OUR lives! I am so grateful  for that!

Good luck with everything and don’t forget us!!!

– Ta –


2014, Central Mongolia

Thank you for your warm welcome and patience. Thank you for showing us your Amazing Mongolia. Hope to do it again.

Best wishes…

Narissa from Thailand

2014, Yak Festival

Dearest Muno,
Thank you – grazie!
We have both had a wonderful week. Mongolia is very beautiful and we hope to return one day. Thank you for being a great guide and looking after us so well!
Warmest regards,
Lucy and Owen
July, 2014
Australia (more…)

July, 2014. Central Mongolia and Naadam Festival Ttrip