Trip to Altai Tavan Bogd

OverviewTour itineraryTailor-make this tripBook NowOverview The towering peaks of the Tavan Bogd mountain range have, for centuries, mesmerised locals and visitors alike. Located in the Bayan-Olgii, the westernmost province of Mongolia, this magnificent mountain range is home to unique species of alpine animals such as Argali sheep, ibex, red deer, moose, snow leopard and golden…

Winter Festivals Mongolia | 13 days

Winter Festivals of Mongolia is truly magnificent travel experience for this winter: Ice Festival, Golden Eagle Festival, and Thousand Camel Festival. Horse sledging on the frozen Lake of Khovsgol, ice sculptures created by mother nature, tranquil setting of snow-covered wilderness setting will definitely take your breath away. Golden Eagle Festival offers tournaments testing agility and speed of hunter Eagles.
Tour Length: 13 Days
Tour Dates:  1-13 March
Tour Price: from $ 3,087| £ 2,459
Group size: 4-8 pax
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade: Modest

Bird watching Mongolia | 17 Days

Mongolia is one of the remotest birding destinations in the world lying at the heart of vast Asia continent and about as far from the world’s oceans as you can get. If you have a vision of Chinggis Khaan riding across a landscape of vast windswept deserts and steppes with no end to the horizon then you won’t be disappointed but you may be surprised to see vast snow-covered mountain ranges and huge wetlands as well because this is a country of great contrasts.
Tour Length: 17 Days
Tour Dates: May-September
Tour Price: from $3,649
Group size: 4-12 pax
Tour Grade: Moderate

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Mongolia Altai Trekking | 16 Days

Truly amazing epic landscape is begging for your exploration. You will have opportunities to trek in majestic, snow-capped Altai Mountains, up to 3,800 m and scenic Gobi Desert, while meeting nomadic people, experiencing their cultures of horse and camel riding. Observing variety of wild species is one of the main emphases of the trip.

Tour Length: 16 Days
Tour Dates: May-September
Tour Price: from $ 2,349
Group size: 4-12 pax
Tour Grade: Strenuous

Tailor-make option is available. Please contact us.

Cycling to The Gobi Desert Tour | 11 Days

Join us for a cycling journey through the Gobi Desert’s ancient mountains, green glens against a backdrop of blue sky by day and a star-filled sky by night. The Gobi’s rich flora and fauna and have always attracted explorers. On your trip, you may encounter Steppe Gazelle, Ibex, Wild Horned Sheep and soaring Lammergeier.

Tour Dates: May-September
Tour Price: from $2,527
Group size: 4-12 pax
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade: Challenging

Horse trekking to the Lake Hovsgol | 8 Days

Horse riding in Mongolia is truly an inspirational experience during which you can ride sturdy Mongolian horses with joy. This is a great opportunity to trot with enduring Mongolian horses to the stunning freshwater lake Hovsgol in Northern Mongolia. Making a visit to a nomadic family can be an enjoyable experience.

Tour Length: 8 Days
Tour Dates:May-September
Tour Price: from $1,702
Group size: Min-4 pax
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade:  Strenuous

Golden Eagle Festival Tour | 10 Days

Hunting with eagles is very much an ancient tradition of the Central Asian nomads that is still kept alive in Altain Mountains in Western Mongolia today. Throughout the journey, you will come across prehistoric rock engravings and the ancient Turkish stone men ‘balbal’ which witness the passing of Mongolia’s rich history.

Tour Length: 10 Days
Tour Dates: 30 September-09 October
Tour Price: from $ 3,234
Tour Grade: Moderate

Grand Tour Mongolia| 36 Days

Our longest tour offers you an epic odyssey to a land of yak herding nomads, Buddhist monasteries, ancient caves and countryside of Mongolia. You will have plenty of opportunities to encounter nomads while learning from their cultures. Horse riding with nomadic families will also be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Tour Dates: May-October
Tour Price: $ 6,990
Tour Grade: Moderate
Tailor-make option is available. Please contact us.

Unchartered Mongolia-Zavkhan Tour | 13 Days

Flanked by the breathtaking Hangai Mountains, Zavkhan offers some of the most varied landscapes in Mongolia. You will experience vast desert land, serene lakes and incredible sand dunes all within close proximity of each other. The sharp contrast in terrain makes travelling in this area unforgettable.

Tour Dates: May-September
Tour Price: from $2,323
Group size: Max-12 persons
Tour Grade: Moderate