Mongolian music

Travelling in Mongolia often involves in a long journey. Music could be sole company for those traversing great steppes and rolling hills of this vast country. This is a story about music genres in Mongolian which is popular folk music (literally popular short song or zohioliin duu). For years, we are running tours across the…

Winter Festivals Mongolia tour

Winter Festivals of Mongolia is truly magnificent travel experience for this winter: Ice Festival, Golden Eagle Festival, and Thousand Camel Festival. Horse sledging on the frozen Lake of Khovsgol, ice sculptures created by mother nature, tranquil setting of snow-covered wilderness setting will definitely take your breath away. Golden Eagle Festival offers tournaments testing agility and speed of hunter Eagles.
Tour Length: 13 Days
Tour Dates:  1-13 March
Tour Price: from $ 3,087| £ 2,459
Group size: 4-8 pax
Private tour option: Available
Tour Grade: Modest

Zavkhan mountains

Mongolian Khoomii or Overtone singing (Throat singing)

I would like to introduce Mongolia’s fascinating intangible heritage of over tone singing, its origin, types, artists who perform such wonderful vocal performances. You will also find out possibilities of taking classes on overtone singing and a brief introduction about ethnic bands in Mongolia. As a visitor, what you should look for Mongolia’s music? Although…

Sosai Exhibition at Lilium Gallery, 2015

What to do in Ulaanbaatar during weekend?

Ulaanbaatar is Mongolia’s capital and the only metropolis. I would say the city is surrounded by the amazing landscape of wooded mountains and Tuul river which probably make the city very attractive place to visit. However, lets look at what the city offers to its visitors. I here would love to share my experience in…