Dr. Amka has a degree in Geography and Sustainable Tourism which he gained at the Sheffield Hallam University, UK. In 2014, he gained PhD after undertaking research on the impact of tourism development in rural Mongolia. He spent his childhood riding his horses in the Western Mongolian province of Gobi-Altai, between the Gobi Desert and Altai Mountains and is an accomplished horseman. He has travelled extensively in his homeland and abroad and is an experienced wilderness tour guide, having led groups to the peaks of the Altai mountains, the homelands of the reindeer people in the northernmost parts of the country and the Hentii Mountains (the birth place of Chinggis Khaan). His unique blend of academic and local knowledge, plus a personal enthusiasm for palaeontology and bird watching make him an expert source of advice when planning your trip. He is a General Manager of Zendmen Travel Mongolia.