Ever since Zendmen Travel was established, we aim to be an responsible tour operator with ethical actions following sustainable tourism path.

Therefore, Zendmen Travel is committed to handling expeditions, tours and treks that are environmentally and socioculturally responsible while contributing to economic well-being of the host communities. The potential negative impacts are assessed and control measures are proposed in advance. We aim to keep negative impacts of our activities as low as possible.

We are also grateful if you report any drawbacks and remarks to your trips, treks and expeditions to us. As it provides vital information for us to review and improve the quality of our operations.  All clients are advised to familiarize themselves with the company’s responsible tourism policy as below. Also, please fill in the feedback at the end of your journey!

Environmental Responsibilities

Please always bear in your mind that you are travelling in one of few untouched wilderness areas in the world.  The landscape in Mongolia is fragile and it deserves a great care. Thus, in order to protect the wildlife, we keep educate our local guides, drivers, staff throughout our operations.

  • Please keep all your cigar tales with you and be careful while you are smoking in wilderness areas. Climate is generally dry, thus it may cause potential forest and steppe fire easily;
  • Using a bottled water always generate an enormous amount of plastic litter in the area. Should you use your own a reusable water bottle;
  • Please take all non-degradable trash with you and destroy in a nearest trash point which includes cans, plastic bags and bottles etc;
  • Please always bury degradable trash including vegetable peels;
  • Please wash out of rivers, springs and lakes as local nomads and animals consume it for drink. Biodegradable soaps are recommended in order to keep the water clean and fresh. Please keep the consumption of chemicals as little as possible;
  • Please be aware of that dropping dairy products, blood any dirt in streams, rivers and lakes is prohibited in Mongolia for centuries and treated as a taboo;
  • During expeditions, please make sure that your toilet at least 200m away from nearest well, rivers, springs and lakes and a depth should be at least  1m;
  • Please keep a single line during your trek and share your knowledge of environmental conservation with others;
  • Never disturb wild species and do not follow by a car.

Sociocultural and Economic Responsibilities

Zendmen Travel aims to contribute to local peoples’ education, health well-being as much as we can. We ensure that our local guides, wranglers and drivers paid fairly and treated adequately. Human interactions may deteriorate the authenticity of local peoples’ cultures and hospitality. Therefore, we recommend the following guideline:

  • Please ask for your guide about do’s and don’ts before visiting local families.
  • Respect sacred mountains, rivers, landmarks, customs, traditions and values;
  • Do not treat them as museum exhibitions;
  • Please do not strip off when you are bathing, as Mongolians tend not to bath in nude next to each other in rural areas;
  • Kissing each other in front of children may be disruptive to them;
  • Should you contribute to children’s education, health and well-being via a small amount of donation to our responsible projects such as Beautiful Heart campaign;
  • Women are not allowed to climb up wholly mountains;
  • Please be aware of that walking over a one’s hat, a belt, a table is very offensive to Mongolians. A man’s head is untouchable by anyone as Mongolians believe that human spirit is in their head;
  • Please consume locally sourced food and vegetables as much as possible. Free range organic beef and mutton is very much local delicacy;
  • Your horse and camel riding fee can contribute to nomads living, so please try to use horses and camels during your trip in the country;
  • Please do not buy prehistoric fossils, petrified trees and stones, as it is not only breaking a law but also encourages some people keep doing this. Eventually, it will mitigate the heritages of future generations.