Hi PJ and Muno,

Diana, Carissa and I had a great time in Mongolia. We were very well looked after by Beggi- who was an excellent guide, and Jack- an extremely skillful driver. The ger camps had a few challenges- as you had forewarned us- the first one had no hot water, and the second one had toilets which were mostly not working. Nevertheless, the whole trip in Mongolia was a wonderful experience, with the beautiful and varied sceneries, the horse and camel rides, the hot days and cold nights, the dust storms and sandy dunes, the Mongolian culture and food, the National Parks and the wild horses, etc…

Please extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to both Beggi and Jack.

Patrick Sim



2017, Naadam Festival and Central Mongolia trip

Hi Muno,

I just wanted to thank you for all your work this trip. You did such a lovely job, especially given how difficult it is to arrange travel during the winter. (more…)

Feb, 2015. Winter Hovsgol Lake

The friendliest people we met on our journey from London to Australia! Huge landscapes, cosy gers and endless cups of tasty milk tea! We can’t wait to go back to see it in summer.

Emily Franke, Sam King and Ben King



Dec, 2014. Hustai Trip

Thank you for great trip. Hope to do it again in GOBI. ha … ha

JOR from Thailand

2014, Yak festival

Thank you for a most amazing trip. All the best to you and your family, until next time! :)



2014, Yak festival

Dearest Muno,
Thank you – grazie!
We have both had a wonderful week. Mongolia is very beautiful and we hope to return one day. Thank you for being a great guide and looking after us so well!
Warmest regards,
Lucy and Owen
July, 2014
Australia (more…)

July, 2014. Central Mongolia and Naadam Festival Ttrip

为了公事需要在这个寒冷的冬天出差蒙古国首都乌兰巴托,未去前咨询过蒙古国的饮食,交通和语言都不方便,就找了6年前我妹去蒙古旅游的当地导游(Zendmen Travel Muno)安排,也要求帮忙找一位会中文的翻译(因为我不会英文),到了乌兰巴托六天的行程,办公事,逛市区,参观博物馆,出到郊区旅游马,欣赏冬至初春天的金黄色草原还带点白色的雪,一路上看到很多羊,牛,马在广阔无边的草原,未长叶的树木,踩在未溶化的河流冰块上 行走是另外的感觉,也安排住了一晚蒙古包,参观大草原游牧民族的生活,品赏各别的蒙古佳肴,这些都和我去之前的顾虑很大的差别,即使住在郊区蒙古包,郊区用蒙古餐,清洁,卫生,安全和食物都是相当好!非常棒!我会再到蒙古!

感谢Zendmen Travel 的 Erdenemunkh.R(Muno)!

TC Wong


Hustai National Park

Dear Poh Joo,

A big big big Thank you to you and your team (Muno, Amka & Uyanga) for the fantastic arrangement in making our trip such a wonderful and enjoyable experience throughout. We were pampered by your care, your thought, your foods ….. etc throughout the trip.

As for the group, thanks for the laughter and great company. Looking forward to our next gathering and laughter again in photos viewing.


Yong Meng

Thank you Zendmen Travel, from Yong Meng, Singapore

Dear Zendmen,

A very great thank you to you , Muno and Amka for making this trip a memorable and an enjoyable one.

Heard so much of the Mongolian green grassland with clear blue sky. Never imagine myself being in this magical scenery , visiting a nomadic family, sighting the Takhi wild horse ; and riding on a horse in the vast Mongolian steppe.

Certainly a wonderful experience that you have brought to us through your meticulous planning – checking out the activities to reduce the risk elements ; preparing additional food supplements to go with the meals at the National Park; and finally executing the plan efficiently with Muno and Amka , including making some adjustments to our visit programme.

To fellow trip mates , thank you too for the humourous stories  and a number of interesting moments that you have created to make this trip such a wonderful experience – such as Lucas “birthday” , and the “jumping” photos shots.

Cheers and Best Regards.

Tong Koi.
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Hustai National Park trip

Dear Muno,
Thank you for a great trip. We had wonderful time! Also thanks for the photos! Can’t wait to see them. It was a nice to have a cool guide who spoke such good English. Look us up if/when you come to the USA. Have a great summer? Thanks again! Kevin and Katy

Jul, 2011. Lake Khuvsgul and Naadam Festival