Dear Zendmen,

A very great thank you to you , Muno and Amka for making this trip a memorable and an enjoyable one.

Heard so much of the Mongolian green grassland with clear blue sky. Never imagine myself being in this magical scenery , visiting a nomadic family, sighting the Takhi wild horse ; and riding on a horse in the vast Mongolian steppe.

Certainly a wonderful experience that you have brought to us through your meticulous planning – checking out the activities to reduce the risk elements ; preparing additional food supplements to go with the meals at the National Park; and finally executing the plan efficiently with Muno and Amka , including making some adjustments to our visit programme.

To fellow trip mates , thank you too for the humourous stories  and a number of interesting moments that you have created to make this trip such a wonderful experience – such as Lucas “birthday” , and the “jumping” photos shots.

Cheers and Best Regards.

Tong Koi.