Thank you for our most enjoyable journey to Mongolia and especially for altering to our needs.



July, 2014. Yak Festival trip

In the year 2007 we had the great opportunity to accompany Amara on trip through Mongolia. We arrived 30th of July 2007 in Ulan Bator and continued to Murun by plane on the same day. Murun is located in the north of Mongolia close to the lake Hovsgol. (more…)

2007. Mongolia’s Vista Trekking

It all started at the Adventure Travel Show at Olympia in London, January 2007. The challenge was to find something different………something off the beaten track………to find us an adventure. (more…)

Sep, 2007. The Grand Tour Mongolia

I thought the Gobi trip was a brilliant introduction to Mongolia. The landscape was very varied, the pine forests, mountains and greenery at Terelj were magnificent. There were open grasslands, mountains, valleys, sand dunes and I could go on but suffice to say, the landscape was stunning, breathtaking, rugged, majestic and extremely beautiful.  (more…)

August, 2006. The Gobi Circuit

To me this trip to Zavkhan was a journey of self discovery & self belief… (more…)

Zavkhan Trip
June, 2006. Zavkhan Trip

I really appreciated the vastness (or space) I had to myself and the fantastic scenery with humbling Mongolian lifestyle I share with my travel mates. (more…)

June, 2006. Zavkhan Trip

Visiting Mongolia is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me. I have always been interested in the wilderness and have looked forward to visiting the steppes for a long time. (more…)

Gobi Desert trip 2005

We had wonderful guides and drivers.

– Our cool boy Puujee and pretty but “garang” Ari who shooed away a guy who harassed Mr. King Hock. We also had the mischievous driver Tulga, “Yogi Bear” who hid one side of our slippers at Gobi  and we all had to walk bare footed to our vehicle. (more…)

Gobi circuit – 2005