Visiting Mongolia is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me. I have always been interested in the wilderness and have looked forward to visiting the steppes for a long time.

Zendmen Travel tailored (they didn’t just organized it) the expedition (i won’t call it a tour!) in such a comfortable way that we felt totally relaxed and well-looked after throughout the journey. My best memories were the opportunities given to camp in the iris-strewn valleys (and learning to pitch our tents in alpine temperatures) and volunteering to hunt for camel dung to do outdoor cooking! We also had opportunities to visit some nomadic families and received many insights into Mongolian culture. Our visits to Terej and Khongoriin Els were equally memorable. I felt that i may have seen parts of Algeria, Libya, Austria and Canada all at once. Rolling down the cool desert sands (and we did it multiple times)  at Khongoriin Ells brought us back to my childhood and it was delightful to see my fellow travelling companions, young and old alike revelling like children of the morning. We also caught the fine scent of mountain pine at Terej during our many treks along the hilly trails near our camp resort. Our mongolian guides are caring and thoughtful. Without them, the entire experience would have been quite incomplete. Many have become our friends.

Mongolia is the place to be. It was one of the best travelling destinations i’ve been among the 20+ countries i’ve visited so far. Go there to experience the wide expanse of space dotted with gers amid rolling steppes, a place where you can still see horses gallop freely across distant plains and deep blue skies.

eddie koh (31)


(5 June 2005)