I really appreciated the vastness (or space) I had to myself and the fantastic scenery with humbling Mongolian lifestyle I share with my travel mates.

I thought photos can never do justice to what I witnessed or experienced.
The highlight for me was the little trek to the ‘peak’ of the Hoover Dam. We never thought we’re gonna walk that far, aim so high!!! Walking along the ridge was scary. I felt I had to balance myself (at like 3- to 4-storey high or higher?) otherwise I would go tumbling down on the wrong side of the dune!! (especially when there is no safety harness! hahahah) Conquering the peak was an achievement and we were subsequently rewarded with the fun of rolling all over the place down the dune, hey!

Half the fun came from impromptu activities! Expect the unexpected… witnessing the changing of punctured tyres alongside with kite-flyers, participating in an alcoholic send-off by enthusiastic family friends and getting high on chinggis vodka, running a mobile A&E clinic while getting petrol from a mobile petrol kiosk and so on and so on…….
The crowd (the staff, the fellow travellers, the people we met along the way) was great! It’s gonna be a trip that I’ll remember for a long long time.

Thx to everyone who was part of it =)

Lim Yian