We had wonderful guides and drivers.

– Our cool boy Puujee and pretty but “garang” Ari who shooed away a guy who harassed Mr. King Hock. We also had the mischievous driver Tulga, “Yogi Bear” who hid one side of our slippers at Gobi  and we all had to walk bare footed to our vehicle. “Yogi Bear” also gets the trill of seeing his passengers thrown out of their seat :p (Celine suggested that we all have to take stabilliser before the trip.Thought I have to fix up my bones when I return.)

Next comes our hero Niama, with his strong Arms and hands he made all the ladies “gugu gaga” over him. Lastly not forgetting our laggage driver Boodul, “The road runner” who always disappeared in front you in split second in a ball of dust.

The length of the visit was just right. Places visited was very interesting. Better planning to catch the Naadam Festival in future. Luckily we managed to catch the mini Naadam festival at one of the town.

The food was okay lah, too much meaty stuff.  The camping food preferred pack instant food ( for hygiene reasons/ lack of water to wash utensils).

Accommodation –  Hotel Mongolia is the best. All the Gers we stayed in was acceptable. Except the last one which has water problem.

Transport preferrably air-con to keep away from the dust. Breakdowns during the trip was acceptable due to road condition.

Okie, that’s all.

[Feedback submitted on 22 July 2005]