Dear Poh Joo,

A big big big Thank you to you and your team (Muno, Amka & Uyanga) for the fantastic arrangement in making our trip such a wonderful and enjoyable experience throughout. We were pampered by your care, your thought, your foods ….. etc throughout the trip.

As for the group, thanks for the laughter and great company. Looking forward to our next gathering and laughter again in photos viewing.


Yong Meng

Thank you Zendmen Travel, from Yong Meng, Singapore

Dear Zendmen,

A very great thank you to you , Muno and Amka for making this trip a memorable and an enjoyable one.

Heard so much of the Mongolian green grassland with clear blue sky. Never imagine myself being in this magical scenery , visiting a nomadic family, sighting the Takhi wild horse ; and riding on a horse in the vast Mongolian steppe.

Certainly a wonderful experience that you have brought to us through your meticulous planning – checking out the activities to reduce the risk elements ; preparing additional food supplements to go with the meals at the National Park; and finally executing the plan efficiently with Muno and Amka , including making some adjustments to our visit programme.

To fellow trip mates , thank you too for the humourous stories  and a number of interesting moments that you have created to make this trip such a wonderful experience – such as Lucas “birthday” , and the “jumping” photos shots.

Cheers and Best Regards.

Tong Koi.
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Hustai National Park trip

On behalf of all our colleagues and friends on the Mongolia’s trip last few days let us say a big thank you to you and your Mongolian colleagues for the wonderful arrangement made.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the trip which must have been very demanding to you and your colleagues. Your tireless effort and perseverance to look after us have been very much appreciated by the group.

Once again thank you very much. Please send this message to our two Mongolia friends.


Liew Mun Leong

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Changi Airport Group

Special Trip for Mongolia, 2011 Aug