As the sun set in summer is very late, about 10.30pm, hence if the group can reach the camping ground early, dinner will be alright without any extra lighting.

However, for the safety and conveniences, perhaps a car Battery operated Fluorescent Light can be kept in the Van should the need arise.

Food provides by the Ger Camp sites are good and in good portion.

As the Ger Camp sites are catering for the International Tourists, the operators must have their own ways of cooking and distribution of food. Foods are delicious leh. Keep up the practics.

Water always a problem for the country like Mongolia. It is very difficult for the Ger camp sites operators to supply enough water for consumption. Perhaps they can have the larger storage tanks and better pumping system. Though, it will be very hard task for those operators to achieve, but, a slight improvement will be a great achievement.

Indeed, I enjoyed very much throughout the whole journey which beyond my expectation.  I would like to thank you, all kakis and the Mongolia peoples like Myanmar, Gantulga, Puujee, Ariunerdene and Road Runner (driver of our Baggage Van) etc. made the trip very wonderful and enjoyable. With special thanks to Myanmar, Gantulga, for their skillful driving and car maintenance. Mr. Puujee, for the navigating, arranging of tour and Miss Ariunerdene for the cooking and helping.  What a wonderful trip.

King Hock