Yak festival 2016 successfully organized

Annual Yak Festival takes place in Bat-Ulzii district, Uvurkhangai province, Mongolia on 23 July 2016 in order to promote various benefits of yaks, their products and contribute to preserving yak based nomadic culture. Regardless her rich milk, fine wool, yaks require least care and can graze in remote mountain tops searching for the freshest pasture-land while surviving Mongolia’s harsh winters.

Zavkhan mountains

Mongolian Khoomii or Overtone singing (Throat singing)

I would like to introduce Mongolia’s fascinating intangible heritage of over tone singing, its origin, types, artists who perform such wonderful vocal performances. You will also find out possibilities of taking classes on overtone singing and a brief introduction about ethnic bands in Mongolia. As a visitor, what you should look for Mongolia’s music? Although…